Our Approach to the COVID-19 Vaccine

It is difficult to sum up the past two years.  We have watched friends, family members, coworkers, and neighbors fight this virus.  Many have fought and won, while sadly, many have succumbed.  We have seen history in the making as vaccines and therapeutics have been produced and marketed in record time.  The true impact may never be fully realized. 

From the very beginning, Synchrony Pharmacy has been involved with Operation Warp Speed.  Here we have been able to have a hand in the vaccination process, as well as advocate for our long-term care (LTC) facilities and residents.   Our Synchrony Pharmacy team members have demonstrated leadership in the industry by developing materials and programs to assists all LTC pharmacies in preparing and executing their vaccine clinics, as well as presenting for national organizations providing industry updates and guidance.

Throughout this process, we have developed vaccine programs for our customers that included sending pharmacy team members into facilities to provide vaccination to facility staff and residents, as well as providing vaccine and supplies to facilities so they can run their own vaccination clinics.  We have worked diligently to bring primary vaccines to our customers, and remain with them through the booster phase as well.  As the data continues to come in, and further recommendations are made regarding the future of vaccine maintenance, you can be assured that we will ready and waiting.

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