Our Response to COVID-19

At Synchrony Pharmacy, the health and well-being of our customers and employees is always our first priority. Therefore, we continue to take extra precautions to ensure that our customers and employees remain guarded against the spread of viral infections. These precautions are based on guidance released by the CDC, CMS, and state and federal officials.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change day by day, so do guidelines and restrictions in our states. We are committed to staying on top of guidance as it is released, and will make changes to our practices and policies accordingly.

Infection control and prevention remain a vital part of our response to COVID-19. Our employees, customers, visitors and vendors are provided with ongoing education regarding proper hygiene practices. This includes the importance of hand-washing, coughing and sneezing etiquette, mask usage, and the frequent sanitizing of all surfaces.

The COVID-19 global pandemic has called for us to grow, adapt, and innovate. We are enormously proud of the investments we’ve made to keep our customers safe, connected, and close to our hearts. To learn more about these investments, read on!

Our Approach to the COVID-19 Vaccine

It has been incredibly exciting to see the first phases of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution reach our facility residents and employees over the past three months. Even more exciting, is seeing responses from our facilities, who have been able to have large percentages of individuals receiving the vaccines. We hope our educational efforts on the safety and efficacy of these vaccines has been helpful. On a larger scale, we are also encouraged to see several more vaccines working through the clinical trial process to hopefully bring an end to this pandemic soon.

Synchrony Pharmacy is proud to have been involved with Operation Warp Speed since the onset of this initiative. We have been, and continue to be, diligently involved in the vaccination process and advocating on behalf of long term care (LTC) facilities and residents. Our Synchrony Pharmacy team members have demonstrated leadership in the industry by developing materials and programs to assist all long term care pharmacies in preparing and executing their vaccine clinics, as well as presenting for national organizations providing industry updates and guidance.

As facilities are transitioning out of Phase 1 of the vaccination plan for long term care facilities, Synchrony Pharmacy has been diligently preparing for the next phase of the program. Here are some details about what we know and where we currently stand for the next phase:

  • All Synchrony Pharmacy locations are enrolled as vaccine providers with BOTH the state and federal vaccination programs
  • The CDC has NOT rolled out its maintenance phase plan, but we have communicated our vaccine allocation requests and are setup to receive federally allocated vaccine when available and released
  • Currently, each state is in a different stage of the LTC maintenance phase process. Some have yet to release a plan and others are already releasing vaccine
  • Synchrony Pharmacy has developed a maintenance phase plan for our pharmacies to use and adapt per state or federal guidance and requirements
  • Pending the release of state and federal guidance and allocation, our pharmacy will coordinate with each of our LTC facility partners on the most efficient plan to provide vaccinations

Our goal is to provide the most accurate and complete information around the current state of the vaccination program. Our team is eager to continue on the early successes of this program and partner with you to end this pandemic as quickly as possible.

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