Following the Lead of the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

At Synchrony Pharmacy, the health and well-being of our customers and employees is always our first priority.  Throughout the pandemic, we have remained diligent in staying informed and on top of the current and ever-changing guidelines.  We have taken great care to educate our employees and our customers on the most up-to-date practices at all levels, including CDC, CMS, and the states we serve.  Our pharmacists and nurses have been instrumental in bringing the COVID-19 vaccines to our customers to help make vaccination easy and accessible.  At Synchrony Pharmacy, we treat our customers as we would our own family members.

What We Are Doing For Our Employee:

      • Continually updating Emergency Operations Procedures for the possibility of emergency
      • Following infection prevention measures and appropriate hygiene practices as recommended by the CDC
      • Providing PPE to help reduce the spread of COVID-19
      • Providing COVID testing and isolation protocols to minimize the spread of COVID-19
      • Providing COVID-19 vaccination and boosters


What We Are Doing For Our Partners:

      • Providing staffing and/or supplies for COVID-19 vaccination clinics
      • Providing superior customer service while remote during the peak times of the pandemic
      • Educating our entire staff from internal team members to delivery drivers on the proper infection prevention protocols
      • Providing education and updates to our customers as new COVID-19 therapies became available
      • Dispensing life-saving monoclonal antibodies and antiviral medications

COVID-19 and the Long-Term Care Industry

As the COVID-19 pandemic became part of our everyday lives, our clinical team, led by Rob Leffler the Vice President of Clinical Services for Synchrony Pharmacy, was hard at work keeping up with the information that seemed to change daily at times. Part of our outreach to customers and the public at large was the creation and implementation of a new podcast channel “Let’s Talk About LTC with Synchrony Pharmacy”. Several of these episodes have been created to help listeners understand the different vaccines and COVID-19 variants. Our podcast is accessible on iTunes, Spotify, and through our Synchrony Pharmacy website under education.

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