The Right Medication, Right Dose, at the Right Time

Our SynchronyRx@Home Program is designed to provide a 30-day supply of medications upon discharge for those residents transitioning back home from a short-term rehab stay. With a focus on convenience and safety, residents will have a 30-day supply of all the medications needed upon discharge without the hassle of stopping at the pharmacy for the next 30 days. Our SynchronyRx@Home Program supports making sure residents are on their appropriate medication regimen based upon the discharging physician’s prescribed orders. This program is proven to reduce hospital readmissions by preventing the resident from missing a dose, as their medications will be packaged in an easy-to-use that is clearly marked with the medication name, strength and directions for use: The Right Medication, Right Dose, at the Right Time. 

What This Program Can Do For You?


The resident will have a 30-day supply of their medications available as soon as they leave the facility allowing the medication regimen to be conveniently continued at home as prescribed. The easy-to-use PackEDGE packaging reduces the chance of medication errors and offers a way to monitor consistent medication administration. Consistent, accurate medication administration can reduce otherwise unnecessary hospital readmissions. 

Auto Refills

In addition to a 30-day supply, SynchronyRx@HOME can deliver medications right to your door every month. Our easy to use PackEDGE makes medication adherence so easy. 



Medications are sorted by time of day to be taken, in easy open packaging, decreasing the chance of missing a dose or doubling up on a dose. 


Supports Planned Discharges.

Utilization of this program should be planned as a best practice for discharge planning.